Friday, June 20, 2008

Eve by name, Eve by nature

We started Eve on solids a couple of weeks ago. She was munching through more milk than ever and waking up more at night so the time had come to see how she did on solids.

I will leave the precise details to the Boy, who will tell the carrot debacle yesterday far better than I ever could, however all is going well and she seems to rather like the mush that Mummy prepares for her (being of Italian stock I insist on making all her food becase it has been indoctrinated into me that the way in which one shows love for your family is by feeding them).

Of course, being my daughter, Eve is a bit picky and while she will happily eat most things, she has definite preferences. She is not too keen on banana (and it does funny things to her insides so I can quite understand why), pear and papaya are nice but not favourites. The favourite by far is apple. She managed to munch her way today through all of the apple mush I had made for her (which was made up of 3 baked apples). At one point she tried to climb into the bowl and shouted at me when I stopped her and insisted that nice girls used their spoon. Apple is the only reliable hit of everything we have tried. Which is odd, because it's a bit sour compared to the other things she has tried.

And then it dawned on me. If you give the girl a snake and a gullible man then the scene is set for one of the greatest female protagonists in history.

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