Sunday, June 8, 2008

How life has changed

Yesterday was the dragon boat festival, marked by lots of dragon boat races in Hong Kong and parties that go with them. The biggest (races and party) is at a normally quiet beach on the South side of the Island. Pretty much every year since I came to HK I have gone. Boats pumping out loud music line the side of the course, races run every few minutes, and lots of fun and partying is had. For the last 2 years I have been part of a fantastic team of men and women who, traditionally, do rather well at the races and have a good time to boot. This year I took the decision that with Eve and rowing and being back at work I didn't want to spend the time training again at weekends so opted out.

Instead, I spent yesterday pottering around Central and buying some baby rice, having lunch in a nice cafe with the Boy and Eve, then I spent 2 hours in the afternoon lying with Eve on her play mat mucking around, making her giggle, and copying her movements - to her obvious delight. In the evening we had a lovely bathtime, with Eve jumping and splashing and shouting with glee at the top of her voice.

This morning, I find out that the men's team actually won the event (well done boys), and I admit I felt a tinge of regret at not having been there to celebrate with the teams, many of whom I consider very close friends. However, I think that despite not having a hangover, and not dancing in the streets or on the boat, and not soaking in the intoxicating team spirit that exists, I think I may have enjoyed my day yesterday just a little bit more than I would have done at the races.

How ones life changes.

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