Friday, March 27, 2009

Circle of life

After our trip to the zoo (they have new pigmy marmosets, which are the cutest little things) and the aviary, we hung through the big pond in HK Park. Lots of fish, a few terrapins, frogs, and Eve can get so close that we have to watch that she doesn't leap in. All rather lovely. Until an unusual moment today.

"Look Eve, a mummy terrapin, baby terrapin and a froggie"

"Ah, the froggie seems to be held in the jaws of the terrapin and desperately trying to swim away"

"Hmm, maybe the mummy terrapin wants to eat the froggie"

"Oh, the skin on most of the other leg of the froggie seems to have been ripped off by the terrapin, although it is still gamely trying to kick away"

The Boy then says "Look, the terrapin is trying to drown the frog"

There then continued a discussion between the Boy and I about whether the terrapin or the frog would need to breathe first.

"Well, Eve, let's go and look at the pretty fish".

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