Friday, March 13, 2009

Postscript to women's day

In the playground this evening Sophia (age 6) was upset because the girls had been playing with the boys but it had got a bit rough and now the boys wouldn't let the girls get in the rocking whale, but had been pushing the girls off. She turned to me for help.

To which my response was "Don't worry about it. When you get older you will get better results at school, a better job and probably earn more money than they do. It won't matter then."

While the first one is true now, I can only hope that by the time Sophia and Eve get to my age the other two are true too.

For Mummies and daughters everywhere, Happy Women's Day.


LottieP said...

Very good. I bet it wasn't much consolation to Sophia though - she just wanted to go on the whale.

Mummy said...

She seemed to be over it when I saw her yesterday. However, she was playing only with the girls.

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