Monday, March 2, 2009

Heads, shoulders, knees and boobs

Ever since Eve was born, each night she has bath time with either Mummy or Daddy. We are unusual in HK in that we have a large, deep bath that has the taps in the middle so is ideal for sharing. It is great fun, and after a hard day in the office good bonding time before the bedtime story.

As Eve gets older we have also been helping her to learn her body parts. She likes nothing more than, when asked for her feet, picking them up to be washed with a flannel. She is learning what her nose and eyes and mouth are too.

Tonight, while playing together in the bath, Eve pointed at my chest. I wasn't quite sure what she was pointing at, I thought maybe a toy was there, but when I asked her again, she leaned forward and prodded my nipple. "That's a booby" I told her, slightly perturbed by this recent interest in my tits. She smiled, and then pointed at the other one, "that's a booby too". She kept on pointing and trying to prod them until I distracted her with a bottle full of bubbles and her attention went elsewhere.

I am not quite sure what to make of this. Admittedly she drank from them for 8 months or so, but now that she doesn't I feel a little uncomfortable with her noticing them but I can't quite fathom why.


Anon Y Mouse said...

Well, from what you've said before, you seem to have no stake in said body parts. So I'm not sure why you would be uncomfortable.....

Mummy said...

Maybe this means I have finally reclaimed them for myself and their proper role as objects of desire (and not the desire for nice warm milk!)