Friday, March 27, 2009

Cultural differences

As Eve gets older, more mobile, more vocal, I can't help noticing how different she is from most of the Hong Kong Chinese children in that she is, well, more mobile and more vocal.

Prime example today. We took Eve to the zoo and aviary today, she loved birds and animals. We then decided to take her to a local hotel nearby for the buffet lunch because it was raining a bit. After about 10 mins she decided she was bored and no number of toys, different bits of food, cutlery or a gift of the hotel's branded teddy bear, would stop her complaining about being seated. Once we took her out and let her run around (and trip up the occasional waiter) she was fine. However, she refused to be stationary without screaming at the top of her lungs. Normally I would ignore her tantrums, but this was a rather nice hotel.

As I carried out my wriggling, chatty baby, who had munched the nose of the nice branded teddy bear to such an extent that it was looking like it had been out in the rain itself, I couldn't help but notice all the nice, quiet, well behaved chinese children. I am clearly doing something wrong.


fraught mummy said...

How much do I know how you feel. I take refuge in the fact that I'm obviously raising spirited children with individuality and a certain spark. Watch the Chinese children closely though, I bet behind the veneer they are just as boisterous. Sounds as if Eve is becoming a really great toddler.

Mummy said...

FM - I would really, really like to think that Eve is this boisterous (a great word, never more apt) because she is outgoing and sparky. I have a horrible feeling, however, it is just because I am hopeless with discipline and she is allowed to run riot (i.e. explore) most of the time while I drink a nice cup of tea.