Friday, March 27, 2009

Number two - wise advice

Got to love Mums, they just know how to say the right things just when you need good advice. Email from Mum today.

"I was always told to wait 2 years post birth for another pregnancy to allow the body to recover completely. Knowing that advice changes with the seasons I offer it as a suggestion only. Two are more than twice the effort and it is more like running up the down escalator than many people imagine".

Mum, I love you!


greenwords said...

I've always loved that 'running up the down escalator' analogy! It's such a good image, one can immediately picture the frenzy. Great advice, too. Not that I'd know, but it seems wise.

Mummy said...

I absolutely agree with you. Life is feeling a lot like that at the moment, so dragging a toddler up one at the same time only adds to the frenzied image.

I am lucky, my Mum has always given great advice. Not that I always listened!

fraught mummy said...

Your mother is a wise wise woman. Up the down escalator analogy is spot on. I spend most my time in a crumpled heap at the bottom, usually being climbed on.

Sabina said...

... and with 3 ("one a year?" as the ultrasound technician said - barely disguising her shock - when we went for the scans with our last one), you just remain at bottom of the down escalator and figure out pretty quickly that:
a) kids are pretty good at feeding/dressing/washing themselves if you offer the right bribes (the star chart still reigns in our household);
b) teaching them how to use the dishwasher/washing machine/tumble dryer is a great game (although it also causes disputes over who 'pushes the button'), and;
c) they can entertain themselves most of the time (without fighting) provided you supply the right means for them to do this (eg paper, pens, jigsaws, books, etc)... and they all know how the remote control works (better than me too) so if all else fails will find something on TV to watch - not that I promote this, but if I get half an hour respite it is worth it!
Alternatively you keep on working full time to preserve your sanity, although this is only applicable to weekdays!

Stop thinking about it - just do it (I have said this before!) xx