Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bad Mummy

Yesterday was a Bad Mummy day.

It started off rather well. The Boy had an early race so I took Eve to the playground and the pool. We had a lovely time playing, and I even bought her croissant for her mid morning snack. Then I turned into bad Mummy.

I had to drive up to the river for my race. Eve fell asleep in the car just as we got there, so I woke her up. Not popular. Bad Mummy also forgot to pack the buggy so there was no hope of her going back to sleep. She then spent the next 2 hours at the boathouse, being variously hot, bored and hungry. The Boy and I were on the water at the same time so Eve had to spend 45 mins being looked after by our much put upon rowing coach (who should really have been coaching the racing crews at that point). The only thing Bad Mummy had packed for lunch that Eve decided she would eat was pitta bread. And I didn't pack any extra milk so she had a fight with Bad Mummy over the empty bottle still in the bag from her morning milk. There were tears.

Once home, Eve was put to nap about 2 hours too late. Which meant she was going to sleep through her supper time. Rather than staying home to enforce a shorter nap, Bad Mummy went off paddling in an OC1 in the sun. Bad Mummy then persuaded Daddy to bring Eve to meet her for supper. Eve ate supper 2 hours late. Bad Mummy had a couple of glasses of wine. Then the heavens opened, meaning that Bad Mummy made Eve go through the rain to get a bus home, which took ages. Bad Mummy then put Eve to bed, but forgot to switch off the light and didn't realise for an hour and a half, by which time a very tired Eve had been awake far too long and pulled all her clothes out of the cupboard. Bad Mummy switched off the light, put the clothes under the cot (well, nobody would see them there) and poured herself another glass of wine.

Bad, bad Mummy.


Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Been there, done similar and also poured an extra glass of wine at the end of the evening.

For additional bad mummy points did you at any moment do any of the following?

-shout unreasonably?
- say something along the lines of 'for pete's sake?'
- not notice a pooey nappy and discover that your child now has really bad nappy rash?
- handover some form of chocolate/sweets to keep her quiet (only to pay the penalty in the sugar rush behaviour 5 minutes later)?

Sabina said...

I (almost) have one better to add to the bad mummy list: forget extra nappies altogether and 'make do' with long-forgotten sanitary pads lying around the inside pocket of whatever handbag was with me at the time....
I will let you guess the rest.
Oh yes, and we were in the car late on a Saturday evening in a foreign country and all the shops were shut.
And there were no Sunday opening hours.

Mummy said...

Fraught Mummy - I did indeed resort to handing over sugar (in the form of ice cream) to keep her awake long enough for us to actually get home. I don't think I shouted unreasonably, I think I may have been sufficiently tiddly to not really care.

Sabina - the sanitary towels are a nice touch, I'd never have thought of that. I have done the trick of scraping off the poo and putting some loo roll over the bits I couldn't get off. For similar reasons.

Bad, bad Mummy.

Mummy said...
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Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Have not been caught out on the nappy front - mainly because every thing I possess had a nappy stuck in it somewhere. I'm still finding them, even now nappies are no longer needed.

I'm impressed with the creativity in dealing with the problem though!

TeacherMommy said...

Haven't been in the exact same situation, but oh yeah, I get what you mean.

In fact, Fraught Mummy sent me over here because of my post at

I could have used the wine.

Mummy said...

I think anyone who just happens to have a nappy lying around (Fraught Mummy and TeacherMommy) are simply showing the rest of us up!

Another classy nappy moment last night. I've written it up as a post.