Thursday, July 9, 2009

In the club

I was having dinner with a good friend a few weeks ago who had just found out she was 7 weeks pregnant. Not only did I feel incredibly blessed to have been told (you know who you are, and I am very touched) but she even turned to me for advice - oh how silly!

Being a Mummy is like being welcomed into a new club, but one you didn't know existed before. It is full of supportive, if slightly crazy (all that sleep deprivation) women. It was nice to be able to induct a newbie.

As if to prove this point, another Mummy blogger (this one in Bosnia) is currently hosting the best of british mummy bloggers carnival with links to lots of other brilliant Mummy sites.

So to my lovely friend, who shall remain nameless for the time being, welcome to the motherhood.

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