Thursday, July 16, 2009

Word for this week


Eve is, after all, my daughter. She likes to repeat it when we are in the car as she admires her Crocs.


Sabina said...

Well done you! Funnily enough 'shoe' was also Finn's first word... although the only male I know who has more shoes than me (or you, for that matter) is my brother who is both a) very heterosexual, and b) married with child.
But he is Italian after all.
And lives in Milan.
Finn seems to be (almost) catching up with his uncle but possibly because his feet are growing so fast - new ones roughly every 3 months.... Just as well he does not hanker after baby Jummy Choos ;-)

Mummy said...

I've suddenly realised maybe she isn't saying shoe but Choo. She went to my cupboard this morning and got out a pair (of Choos) to try on.

As for Italian men, the only men I've ever met who can out-bitch me!