Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back to Blighty

I am just back from an all too short trip home. By "home" I should clarify that I mean the UK because I also refer to Hong Kong as home as well depending on which way I am flying. I have come back with all the usual sadness. Having seen Eve play with the her cousins and grandparents I realise how much they enjoy spending time together and how little of it there is. There is also something about having my own child that has brought me closer to my own parents, sister and sister-in-law as we have developed into people whose similarities are more numerous than our differences. As usual I have come back from my time as a full time Mummy in the UK full of feelings of wanting to give up work/move back to the UK/have another child (delete none or all as appropriate).

Of course all this was helped by eight glorious days of sunshine, visiting palaces, castles, parks and museums aplenty as well as it being the time of year for both Henley and Wimbledon. So, in short, not real life. If only it was sunny all year round and the tax was a flat rate 15% then I might be tempted to move back.

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