Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A little bit of what you fancy

I pride myself on giving my daughter a pretty healthy diet and only the occasional meal out sees her having anything unhealthy or processed. This, however, was thrown out of the window along with the Annabel Karmel cookbook as soon as we set foot in the UK. Not only did she eat my Mum's lovely home cooked meals (not unhealthy, admittedly, but they usually come with a good serving of cream) but processed sausages, bacon, crisps, ice cream (from a van in the street!), processed fish fingers that bore a scant resemblance to anything that once swam, chips, and even a microwave pizza from a small cafe in the model village. By the time we had got onto the plane to come home and she made a direct line for the Mars Bar, I cared not what she ate. Bad Mummy I thought to myself as I was tucking into my fifth glass of wine. Holidays are for special treats, for Mummy and Daughter.

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