Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Back on the water

It has been a tough week with lots of uncertainty over my blood pressure, not drinking anything at all (horrid during the Christmas season and on your birthday), and not being able to exercise. So it was with some worry that I set off to Dr D yesterday to find out whether my bp had dropped. I was all prepared to be told it had gone up again and that I would need to go in and have her out before Christmas. I had convinced myself a c-section would be fine, and my sister in law had even called me to tell me how much easier she found the c-section with her second child than the natural birth of her first.

So, it was with some surprise for both me and Dr D that we found the pills have been working brilliantly and not only has my bp stabilised but it has actually fallen back down to the higher end of what is deemed acceptable.

Rather than asking Dr D any sensible questions such as the implications this may now have for the birth, what I should plan for, whether they still might take me in early, I asked the most important question - "Does that mean I can row this weekend then?"

The answer was yes, as long as I take it easy.

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