Monday, December 17, 2007

Happiness in a size 41

This lunchtime I went for lunch in Harvey Nics with one of the most glam and fabulous women I know, followed by shopping with her and hammering my credit card in Jimmy Choo. For a while, as fawning shop assistants brought me a succession of beautiful shoes with spindly heels in lovely colours, I didn't feel pregnant or tired or fat or miserable.

I know I am shallow, but this made me very happy.


LottieP said...

isn't it funny the sometimes yawning gap between the way we see ourselves and the way others see us... I wasn't glam, to my mind, but having a bad hair day and preoccupied to the eyeballs; you weren't fat or anything like it, but gorgeous, glowing and glamorous, lovely in your red cardi and new shoes... (love the 40s style stockings, but the way)

Mummy said...

We all see ourselves through a too critical mirror. However, with the help of friends and lovely shoes, we sometimes see ourselves accurately.

Merry Christmas lovely