Saturday, December 8, 2007


Having shown only a passing interest in the movements and development of his daughter for the first 7 months (largely confined to shoving the Bump to make her kick me while he giggles quietly) the Boy has now swung into action. He has bought two books and is reading all of the bits about what fathers should do, we had an informed and interesting discussion on breastfeeding, he has bought a brilliant buggy (that is designed for you to run with and had to be imported from the US), car seat, a super dooper monitor thingy, and he is insisting on making sure I have everything in my baby bag ready for hospital.

As I write this he is currently sitting on the floor, fixing something on the door. I can only suppose this is a male form of nesting.

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Hello - great article, I am from which is a global online interactive forum for fathers. It was great to hear about what your partner is doing. When i saw DIY in the title i had to respond.
If there is any other information that your partner requires pre and post natally please dont hesitate to have a look.
Good luck

Mummy said...

Thanks Scott. I'll pass this onto my husband - and how on earth did you find the blog?