Thursday, December 13, 2007

Practice makes perfect

Last night, while I was out with some friends, I got an urgent email to return to the office to attend to a request from the mothership (Zurich). I finally left the office at around ten and once I got home H, our helper/nanny, was already in bed and the Boy was out.

Tired and annoyed I stumbled into the bedroom to find that the cat, for reasons best known to her little furry self, had peed right in the middle of the bed - so much so that it had soaked through the duvet.

Rather than eating or crawling into bed, which is all I wanted to do, I spent the next hour disinfecting and cleaning the duvet in the bath, washing down the matress and scolding the cat (nicely, and I did cuddle her a lot too).

It was only when the Boy came home and I told him what had happened that I realised this probably won't be the last time I will spend an evening cleaning up the pee of a small creature.


LottieP said...

Interesting. Was this some kind of dirty protest?

Mummy said...

It would seem that the remaining cat thinks that having us and our helper pandering to her every whim isn't enough. H put it brilliantly this morning when she said that the cat is becoming very demanding.