Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Opinion is divided as to whether "colic" exists. For the un-childed, it tends to be the explanation for a baby crying uncontrollably with no apparent cause. It is supposed to be due to an immature digestive system, and cause babies lots of wind and pain.

Others think that it doesn't really exist and it is an overused explanation to pacify parents whose babies just cry a lot.

Until last night Eve had wind, it woke her up occasionally but lasted for a few minutes and then she would put herself back to sleep.

Last night Eve screamed, and screamed, and screamed - most of the night. You could hear her digestive system creak and gurgle with the wind and there would be the occasional respite from the screaming when she farted.

Apparently there is not much you can do about colic, they grow out of it at around 3 months. That will be another 8 weeks of screaming then...

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Grande Poobah said...

poor you! I love the way though that in this over connected world i can track poor Eve's digestive battles through facebook updates/blog pages etc etc...

do babies learn to do really big farts and burps at 3 months then? Is that what happens? And is it too early to wean her onto diet coke to help with the process??

Helpfully yours