Sunday, February 17, 2008


I am starting to wonder whether Eve can already read and use the internet. She is, of course, bright as a button being my daughter but at 6 weeks surely she shouldn't be able to do this yet?

The reason for my suspicion is that she is doing exactly what she should in terms of development, at exactly the right time. It is uncannily scary and in my new, low expectations and just ride the wave, approach to parenting it just feels wrong that she should be doing what she is supposed to at the right time.

Eve turned 6 weeks at the weekend, and the night before her 6 week birthday she slept through the night from 11 until 7.30am with only one overnight feed - unheard of. Then, bang on cue, she started her 6 week growth spurt in the evening, and fed every 2 hours overnight and every 90 minutes - 2 hours during the day (and I needn't tell you what a shock that was after the luxury of sleep the night before!). Then, last night, overnight from 11 until 8.30 with just one feed again.

All of the books and internet sites predict this at 6 weeks, but all also say that almost no baby conforms to this and not to expect it. Eve, however, seems to be using the spare time when I am in the shower or at the gym to swot up on what she should be doing

Of course Friday night and last night were probably complete flukes and Eve won't do this again until I am back at work - but it is giving me both hope and a break before the next onslaught of, well, perhaps I should check with Eve what the books say should come next.

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