Sunday, February 17, 2008

One for Mummy

I went rowing at the weekend, for the first time since Eve came into my life, and a whole 8 weeks since I was last in a boat. It felt so good, although I had to remind myself what rowing without a bump is supposed to be and try to keep my legs closed as I no longer need to accommodate a large growth on my front.

Then, last night, I sat on the ergo next to LottieP and rowed, lots. When I looked in the mirror I was grinning like a loon, and was far happier on a rowing machine than anyone should be.

And on Saturday I went to a party, a proper party with beer and wine and people and music. Eve came too and gurgled and looked cute while everyone cuddled her, prior to falling asleep. I had a lot of proper adult conversations.

All of these made me very happy.

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