Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Service will be suspended

For those who are wondering why I am unusually quiet, it is because Eve is having a "phase" which goes like this.

8pm feed - Daddy is home so she stays awake to see him
9.30 pm - bathime, all very cute and smiley
10 pm - feed, but she has started screaming at this point for the past 2 nights, and screamed and refused to eat for the following 3 hours
1am - feed a bit
3 am - scream for more food
Then is unsettled with wind (due to the unsettled feeding schedule and screaming) until 8.30 when I feed her again and after a 30 minute struggle, she finally goes to sleep

Hmm, what happened to the baby who had read the books?

Normal service will be resumed once Yummy Mummy manages more than 2 hours sleep a day herself.

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