Thursday, February 21, 2008

The drugs do work

Yesterday Eve went to have her 6 week jabs. Perhaps it shows me as a rather irresponsible parent but I have no idea what they were for (it says in her baby book if I bothered to read it). I find it laughable that after the fuss of the three-in-one MMR jab in the UK, babies in HK happily have a 6-in-1 jab at 6 weeks and nobody bats an eyelid. Perhaps it is the result of too many hours as a child hanging around hospitals with my parents, or as a teenager dating the odd doctor when I worked at one in my spare time, but I tend to believe that if someone with 7 years training tells me something is OK and millions of other children have had it then it is probably fine.

The doctor told me to expect that Eve would get a fever and be generally a bit under the weather for a couple of days. I forewarned the Boy and expected a horrific night last night.

She went to sleep at 9pm, woke up at 1.30 for a feed and was fast asleep by 2.45, and has just woken up at 6.30am. It is by far the best night we have had with her since she was born.

I am seriously considering asking the doctor what other jabs she can have - surely there must be enough to last through to 3 months when her wind will ease?

I am, perhaps, selling the Boy and I a little short. We drastically changed Eve's routine two days ago in a desperate effort to banish the screaming evening banshee baby from our lives. It actually seemed to work even without the drugs so perhaps we should take some credit for last night too.

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