Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baby socialite

Last night I went out for dinner with the most glamourous and fabulous man I know, S. I used to work with S and had been feeling rather guilty that I had lost touch since I had Eve. It sounds awful to say, but there are simply fewer hours in the day, less "me" time to be had, and some people fall off the radar despite your best intentions. Thankfully, S and I get on like a house on fire and it was as if we had never been apart. Being fabulous and knowing everyone and everywhere glamourous, he took me to a lovely Japanese restaurant I had not been to before in HK, very chic and positioned above the Gucci flagship store. I had a complete panic over what to wear, I don't go out much to super-glam places anymore, but the Louboutins and a LBD came to the rescue.

S, of course, knew the restaurant manager, general manager and most of the staff. He didn't even need to look at the menu because the staff know what he likes. We got the star table in the middle of the room and were treated like royalty. I felt like a princess, and one who got tiddly on a lot of sake.

However, when we entered the restaurant and were greeted by fawning staff, he introduced me as an old friend who had never been there before even though I lived in HK. I found myself mumbling "well I've just had a baby and don't go out much anymore" by way of explanation for this social faux pas. Halfway through the meal the restaurant manager came over to me, gave me her card and told me that they did a weekend brunch where there was a children's play area set up and to give her a call and she would make sure I got a table whenever I wanted.

Now where do I get a pair of baby-sized Louboutins?


Anon Y Mouse said...

Might that be a restaurant in the Landmark?

If so the Sunday Brunch is fantastic and children get to eat for free.

Mummy said...

It is (as that is where the Gucci store is you don't get a prize for figuring it out!).

May the mini-mouses would like to join us one Sunday?

Anonymous said...

But I do get a prize for figuring it out cos, like, I know or have even registered where the Gucci store is. Yeah, right!