Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More milestones

I do love my days working from home. Although I am sure Eve does all manner of things when I am not here that are similarly brilliant, she does seem to have a habit of saving new things for when I am here.

Today we passed two milestones.

Firstly, she has started to dance, and really enjoys it. In fact, so much that she sings too. I have danced with Eve since she was tiny, but all my efforts recently to get her to dance without my carrying her have ended up with me flailing around the flat like a loon while she watches on, slightly bemused. Today, without any prompting or even any music, she started to sing to herself and dance. I then put on a Lilly Allen CD and Eve, myself, and the toy Rudolph and bear, danced around happily for 20 minutes. It is at times like this I know I should get the video camera out, but I was having just as much fun too.

Secondly, she said thank you for the first time. Since she was born I have been very careful to say please and thank you for everything I give or get from Eve, often saying it for her. H does the same. Today, when I gave her my mobile phone to play with, I got a distinct "dank oo". It's not consistent, I've only had it once since then, but it is lovely nonetheless and my middle class polite tendencies are satisfied.

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