Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Queen of the playground

Tonight when I went to pick up Eve, one of the boys and his nanny were playing badminton precariously close to the roof of the swimming pool entrance. Of course, the shuttle ended up on the roof. The roof is probably only about 7 foot high, but way beyond the reach of the children or the nannies, all of whom are from South East Asia and none over 5 ft tall.

So, it fell upon me, as the tallest person in the playground, to try to get the shuttle down. Despite donning my 6 inch red heels, and leaping like a loon, it was too high. I tried to knock it down with a football but my throwing is so bad I couldn't get near it. I had quite a crowd watching me now. In a flash of inspiration, I asked the tallest boy in the playground to go up on my shoulders. He looked a bit worried, but gamely clambered on, reached up and grabbed the shuttle, to applause from the crowd.

My playground kudos has reached stratospheric levels now.

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