Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have very fond memories of the family traditions that I grew up with. My parents, either by design or evolution, developed a number of little traditions that we held around festival times. Some of these lasted the test of time, such as being allowed to open one (just one) present after midnight mass at Christmas or the lego Santa. As my own little family grows, I want to find our own traditions. This desire found me, on the day before Easter, trying to find little eggs to hide all around our hotel room for Eve to find on Easter morning. My first preference had been to take her to church, but after the Tokyo experience and discouraging noises from the Boy, I decided to do something the whole family would enjoy and do a egg hunt. I bought a few little eggs and some chocolate bunnies from the supermarket near our hotel. Once Eve was asleep I hid them around the room, leaving one for me to put in her cot the next morning before she woke up.

The next morning I got up, in the dark before Eve was awake, popped to the bathroom and had nothing but placing this final chocolate on my mind. So much so that I walked out of the bathroom and promptly straight into the corner of the wall. I ended up with a bump not dissimilar to one of the eggs on my forehead and ice held to my face, sobbing quietly, as Eve watched bemused from her cot.

The hunt, started eventually, was a great success. One new tradition now in place. However, I don't intend to do the wall thing every year.

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