Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mile high club

The family are off to Singapore for Easter. We were going to Vietnam, but the Boy is working in Singapore for most of April so we thought that rather than the ridiculous situation of him flying back from Singapore on Thursday, to Vietnam on Friday, and then back again on Monday - Eve and I would go to Singapore to join him. This decision is also helped by me having miles for Singapore Airlines (an airline no good for us except to go to Singapore) that need to be used up by May. So, in the spirit of my daughter always seeming to fly business class, and the sheer number of miles I have that are about to run out, Eve and I are flying to Singapore in their swanky new business class.

On the way back we are flying with the Boy, using miles again. However, the Boy, whose company is paying for his flight back, is on a cheapo economy fare that can't be upgraded. Goody, I thought, Eve can be with Daddy back in cattle and I can enjoy champagne and movies in peace for the first time in a very long time. I made a few considerate noises about feeling a bit guilty about him being back in economy with Eve, but not so loud that anyone would actually be able to hear them.

I have just got the ticket for Eve through. She is with me in business class. It would appear that the Boy is going to have a restful flight, albeit back in the cheap seats, while I toddler-wrangle on my own next to businessmen glaring at me.

This was not what I had been imagining. Although she could be useful in taking champagne back to Daddy.

Postscript: I know this makes me sound like a precious expat. Oh well.

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fraught mummy said...

No, sounding like an expat would mean getting the nanny to sit in cattle class with the baby whilst you and the boy supped champagne in the restful business section.

Still, think of me. I've got a flight on my own with 2 toddlers who much prefer running and shouting to sitting quietly and colouring in, which includes a transfer and a 3 hour drive to get to the airport before we even get on the flight. I'm wondering if bribing the check in assistants to give me a seat in a different section of the plane to my children is a feasible plan of action.