Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mummies around the world

I am no good at technology so when Fraught Mummy sent me a link to a blog that is aiming to get as many Mummy bloggers from all around the world to write the five things they love about being a Mum (see previous post for the links) and then "tag" to each other I thought I'd give it a go. I have no idea what tagging is (can someone help me?) but in anticipation of impending multinational linking, here are my five.

1. Seeing everything through Eve's eyes means seeing them as if for the first time. What fun can be had from an empty bucket, or throwing sand, or the wonder of birds flying overhead. Everything seems fresh and wonderful, and I am falling in love with the sheer amazing beauty of everything around us. I can't believe I never noticed it before.

2. Having a little person who loves being with me. It doesn't matter if I have no make up on, am so hungover that I can't string a sentence together, that I am padding around in an old t-shirt and a pair of dirty pants. She just likes being around me. And the feeling is mutual.

3. Lots and lots of fun and letting my creativity run wild. From setting up a tent in the lounge with a sheet and two chairs, to having a reasoned discussion with Eve about whether the toy panda or the toy giraffe will go the farthest if I throw them along the floor (the giraffe if you are wondering, although the sting ray is the king of slip slide as he has something of an aerodynamic advantage), to painting and getting covered in paint. That and falling in love with children's books again.

4. Realising that there is more to life than work, shoes, what people think of me, how thin or pretty I am, whether I earn enough money [delete as appropriate]. All that really matters is the people you love and making sure they are safe and happy.

5. Becoming a member of a club I didn't know existed, Mummies. It is a fantastic bunch of women who often display a quite amazing capacity for coping with what life throws at them. And the closeness between my own mother and me now that I am a member too.


David said...

This is great! "Tagging" just means choosing another blogger to participate and putting a link to them in your post. Then send them a note via comment or email to let them know about it.

Brit in Bosnia said...

So lovely. You sound like you have such fun with Eve. FMx

Mummy said...

Thanks David. sounds good in principle. Um, how do I actually do it?!