Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First words

After many stresses of worrying about Eve being looked after by a nanny who is not a native English speaker and how this would be stunting her language development, she is finally starting to speak. She understands pretty much everything we say but has not taken to using more than baby babble herself until yesterday.

How do I know she is now doing this? Because yesterday she stood underneath the shelf where her toys are kept and shouted "ma ma" with quite discernable anger in her voice until I came and lifted her up to pick one. She later did the same thing when she wanted a book. So, my darling daughter's first word is one to get the attention of her willing slave.

She also says "dax" every time a taxi goes past. Already a child of Hong Kong then.

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Sleepless In KL said...

don't worry about it. children are very adept at picking up languages and can juggle several languages all at the same time. she'll speak english to you following your accent and pronunciation, and to her nanny in whatever language her nanny uses to communicate with her, and in cantonese to her chinese playmates one day :)