Monday, April 27, 2009

I'll scream and scream and scream

Since Eve has been about 4 months old she has been pretty easy to put to bed at night. I would hear other parents' tales of endless rocking and soothing and feel quite grateful that I got my evenings back quite quickly. Of course it didn't mean that she would stay asleep, but at least she would drift off long enough for us to have dinner.

So why, after a year, has she suddenly decided that she will not, under any circumstances, go quietly to sleep? Last night she kept up the crying and screaming for 45 minutes until peace finally descended onto my evening. Tonight she only lasted 15 minutes but in that time screamed so hard that she managed to throw up on herself, her rug and me. I can only imagine it is a phase, that she really, really wants to stay up and play. I hope this, somewhat loud, phase passes soon.


Sabina said...

A phase, definitely, and one that will also pass - just bear with it! I believe it has something to do with their increased level of awareness that comes with the passage towards the 'terrible twos' (another point to be wary of here: this does not actually start and finish between the ages of 2 and 3, but commences around 18 months and continues, one way or another until they are 4... just be warned!).
When we started Indy in nursery full-time just after his first birthday, he cried and screamed (making himself sick in the process) almost incessantly for 2 weeks.... it was gut-wrenchingly awful (and quite a sight, dare I say, even the nursery manager was impressed with his stamina). Suffice to say it passed, we have never looked back, so much so that if I DARE to collect him early now he tells me to go away as he is having a great time and does not want to leave.
Hah! Mothers! Who needs them hey?

Mummy said...

Tonight, after 3 nights of putting screaming banshee to bed, tonight the Boy is back after 10 days away and he can deal with her. I am going out with the girls.

Of course, she will probably be an angel for Daddy.

Anonymous said...

Yup - cried for about 5 seconds, I closed her door and silence descended immediately. I then jumped on the rowing machine, plugged in my ipod and didn't hear a peep the whole time!